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AC Circuit Analysis Lab

AC Circuit Analysis Laboratory using experiments to verify theoretical concepts discussed in the lecture course AC Circuit Analysis (EE 105). Hardware experiments using available components and instrumentation will be conducted to measure physical parameters; hand calculations will be performed and verified utilizing PSPICE computer simulation. Current, voltage, resistance, power, work and efficiency; Ohm's and Kirchhoff's laws; series and parallel circuit principles; series-parallel DC resistive networks. Sinusoidal AC voltage, phasors, average and effective values, impedance, AC series parallel circuits, AC power, AC network analysis, AC network theorems, dependent sources, transformers. Network theorems applied to DC circuits: source conversions, Thevenin, Norton, superposition; capacitance; magnetic circuits; inductance; transient analysis of RC and RL circuits; sinusoidal waveforms; reactance and impedance; series, parallel, and series-parallel AC circuits.

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