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Assignment 6 - Carbon and Alloy Steels

Problem 1:

Q: What is the difference between 4140 steel and 4340 steel?

A: 4140 and 4340 steels both fall under the class of molybdenum and both contain 0.4% carbon. The difference between the two are molybdenum 41 steel has major constituents of chromium 0.95% and molybdenum 0.20%. Where molybdenum 43 steels major constituents of nickel 1.80%, chromium 0.50% to 0.80% and molybdenum 0.25%.

Problem 2:

Q: What is the AISI equivalent to a UNS G11310 steel?

A: UNS G11310 steel = AISI 1131 resulfurized carbon steel.

Problem 3:

Q: What is the carbon content in 52100 steel?

A: The carbon content of 52100 is 0.10% carbon content.

Problem 4:

Q: Name three microscopic effects in steels that produce strengthening.

A: These are dislocations, grains, and interstitials.

Problem 5:

Q: In what condition of heat treat are hot finished steels when they are sold to the user?

A: Steel that has a lower cost then other steel products. The hot finished steel has a better weldability and stability in machining yet poor surface finish which reduces its usage of many applications.

Problem 6:

Q: What are the differences between a high strength, low alloy steel and a carbon steel?

A: High strength, low allow steel has a greater resistance to atmospheric corrosion then carbon steels. The mechanical properties in high strength low allow steel is greater then the common carbon steels and is delivered in the hot finished condition.

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