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Biomedical Technologies Research Initiatives

Topics of research and advanced studies include medical products, signal analysis, imaging technologies, medical physics, biomechanical engineering, bioelectrical engineering, spectroscopy, molecular and microscopic applications, human factors, ergonomics, integrated systems and instrumentation, materials, neuroscience, neuroengineering, and computational biology.

University of Arizona
{Biomedical Engineering, Tissue Optics, Neuromorphic Vision, Integrated System, Molecular Function Instrumentation, Experimental Spectroscopy and Microscopy, Advanced Medical Imaging, Medical Physics, Biophysics}

Baylor University
{Biomedical Engineering, Blood Glucose Analysis, Microwave Applied Metrology, Image Analysis and 3D Reconstruction, next generation exercise equipment, electronic circuits, generate and process wideband signals, electromagnetic waves coupling, conformable antennas and transmission lines.}

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