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Electric Power and Energy Research Initiatives

Research in Electric Power and Energy Systems include traditional and renewable energy sources such as coal, natural gas, biofuels to include biomass, ethanol, nuclear, oil and petroleum based products, solar and photovoltaics, geothermal, wind, and hydrodynamics. Topics include; power generation, transmission and distribution, energy transport and conversion techniques, power devices, power engineering operations and planning, modeling and dynamics, power systems analysis, energy conversion, electric machines, power electronics, high voltage engineering, power transformation, transformers, insulation, advanced power electronics, power plant diagnostics, and efficiency.

Arizona State University
{power system analysis, power generation, transmission and distribution, energy conversion, electric machines, power electronics and high voltage engineering}

Baylor University
{Biomedical Engineering, Blood Glucose Analysis, Microwave Applied Metrology, Image Analysis and 3D Reconstruction, next generation exercise equipment, electronic circuits, generate and process wideband signals, electromagnetic waves coupling, conformable antennas and transmission lines.}

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