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Signal Processing & Communications Research Initiatives

Research areas include communication networks, coding, encryption, and cryptography, wireless signals, time varying and multidimensional signal processing, spectral analysis, DSP, data compression, video, audio, and data, signal transformation, signal detection and interception, signal theory, adaptive processing, advanced waveform techniques, data packaging, and sensors.

Arizona State University
{related areas of signal processing and communications systems (SP/Comm)}

University of Arizona
{Signal Processing, Coding, Sensors, and Image Analysis}

Oregon State University
{Mixed Signal Integration, system architecture and analysis, and implementation of communication systems}

Portland State University
{Computational Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, genetic algorithms, fuzzy systems, and neural networks}

University of Portland
{communications, digital signal processing}

University of Washington
{Communications, networking, and related signal processing technologies, implementation of wireless devices and systems, optical communications, multi-user and multi-channel signal processing, routing and access control, modulation, network security, and coding for error correction}

Washington State University
{Communications and Signal Processing}

California Institute of Technology
{Communication Networks and Wireless, Signal Processing, Images and Vision, Information Theory, Learning, Pattern Recognition, and Neural Networks}

California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
{Signal Processing, Video, Signal Actuation Systems}

Stanford University
{Information Systems, Programmable Digital, Signal Compression and Signal Classification, Wireless Research and Wireless Systems}

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