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JFET Small Signal Amplifier Lab Data, Page 3

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Graphics and Data
Figure 1: Transfer Characteristics of 2N5458 JFET 1
Figure 2: Gain vs. Frequency for Small Signal Model
Figure 3: Gain (Av) of JFET 1, dB vs. Frequency
Figure 4: Verfied Q Point Current
Figure 5: Current through Source Resistor
Figure 6: Current IRS vs. ICS Characteristics
Notes and Computer Simulations
Lab Notes Page 1
Lab Notes Page 2
Lab Notes Page 3
Pspice Input Parameters

Junction field effect transistor (JFET) gain Pspice simulation output data for first FET device, Figure 3. Decibel to frequency unit notation at node voltage V7/V6. This graphic image maybe used for publications, web sites, or any print or electronic media with the express intent that the image is not altered and the author properly sited. You agree to these conditions upon any use of this image.

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