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Homework 7 - Microstrip Lines

Problem 5.
Given a microstrip line with a ratio of line width to substrate thickness is w/h = 3.50, and the relative permittivity of the substrate material is 9.0. Calculate the following:
a) The characteristic impedance of the line
b) The effective relative permeability
c) The wavelength on the line for a frequency of 3GHz
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Problem 7.
For this question, repeat Problem 5 for a width and height ratio of w/h = 1.0.
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Problem 8.
A 10ohm microstrip line is to be constructed on an alumina substrate having a relative permittivity of 9.0. Determine the required ratio of w/h and the effective relative permeability.
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Problem 9.
For this question, repeat Problem 8 but for a 75ohm line.
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