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Microwave Fundamentals

An introductory course in the fundamentals of Microwave and Radio Frequency Technology and their applications. Fundamentals of electromagnetic wave propagation, frequency and wavelength, electric and magnetic fields, permittivity and permeability, TE, and TEM waves, and wave velocity are introduced. These concepts are further expanded on by the introduction of applications in transmission lines and equivalent circuits, characteristic impedance and propagation constant, wave propagation, electrical length, line constants, incident and reflected waves, reflection coefficient, standing waves, VSWR, and line impedance and impedance matching. Further studies are centered on the construction of Smith Charts, impedance and admittance plotting, and stub matching. Rectangular and circular Waveguides, TE modes, phase and group velocity, cutoff frequency, substrate lines, striplines, microstrip lines, attenuation, power loss, bends and couplers, S Parameters, and amplifier designs are also covered.

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