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Homework 7 - Microwave Receiver

Provided the following Microwave Receiver System denoted in the figure below; the desired RF antenna input signal is 9.5GHz, with a broadband RF amplifier, baseband band pass filter, mixer and local oscillator combination, an intermediate frequency band pass filter and amplifier combination, signal detector, video amplifier and video output line. Specifications for each of the components in the RF chain are denoted in the figure below. Determine the following RF calculations for this system:

a) System Noise Figure (NFdB), in dB

b) Minimum Detectable Signal, in dBm providing a signal to noise ratio (S/N) = 3dB

c) Shape Factor (SF) of BPF1 required to reduce a possible signal on the image frequency by approximately 60dB

d) The Video Out power for a -55dBm signal received by the antenna

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Engineering key words: RF microwave receiver, noise figure, shape factor, band pass filter, BPF, NF, video signal, dBm, antenna, MDS, minimum detectable signal, IF, intermediate frequency, down converter, image frequency, base band, gain, insertion loss, conversion loss, broadband amplifier, LO, bandwidth, temperature

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