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Homework 3 - Noise Figure & Gain

Problem 1.
For the cascade connected amplifier depiction in Figure 1 above, calculate the Noise Figure at each of the three amplifier stages.
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Problem 2.
Using the amplifier three stage graphic in Figure 1, determine the Noise Figure for each stage if the gain at the first stage is equal to 25dB.
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Problem 3.
For this problem, use the radio frequency receiver stage in Figure 2. Calculate the noise figure of the receiver at the receiver input.
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Problem 4.
For the receiver shown in Figure 2, find the required input signal level for a 10dB signal to noise ratio at the output of the intermediate frequency stage having a bandwidth of 1.25MHz.
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Homework Solutions and Calculations

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Engineering key words: intermediate frequency, IF, RF, NF, noise figure, radio receiver, amplifier stage, signal to noise ratio, two-pole filter, mixer, conversion loss, dB, insertion loss, gain stage.

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