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Exam 1 - Operational Amplifiers

This exam is a take home test. All work must be shown; equations, calculations, and any resources utilized must be sited. Students are expected to work independently without outside help. The exam will cover op amp circuits, ideal and non ideal configurations, operational amplifier input vs. output voltage relationships, characteristics and configurations, transfer functions, s-domain and standard forms, input and output impedance, summing amplifiers, circuit analysis fundamentals, and mathematical derivations and equations as a function of the circuit analysis performed.

1) Given the following operational amplifier circuit in Figure 1, compute the following:

a) Find the output voltage vs. the input voltage relationship (Vo / Vin) assuming the amplifier is a non-ideal op-amp?

b) Simplify the Vo / Vin relationship to an ideal op-amp case? Hint; what parameter differs from an ideal to non-ideal case?

2) For the amplifier circuit in Figure 2, assume an ideal op-amp and find the following:

a) Determine the Vo / Vin relationship for this circuit?

b) From your solution of the Vo / Vin relationship, put the resultant in the s-domain standard form.

3) Given the following circuit configuration of an operational amplifier with an input impedance equal to infinity (Zin = ∞), calculate the output impedance (Zout = ?).

4) Using the circuit in Figure 4 below, implement the following equation and calculate the unknown variables and K = ?

Solutions: Provided in the Exam Notes Calculations Section below.

Exam Calculations and Notes
Exam Notes Page 1
Exam Notes Page 2
Exam Notes Page 3
Exam Notes Page 4
Exam Notes Page 5
Exam Notes Page 6
Exam Notes Page 7
Exam Notes Page 8

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