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Homework 4 - Operations Plan

Operations Plan Criteria

Depending on the nature of your business, your operations plan should be 3 8 pages in length. It should include (however you choose) the following elements:

1. Business type: merchandizing, manufacturing or service,

2. Description of the product or service,
a. features
b. benefits

3. Operations,
a. describe the flow of operations who will do what and generally explain how.
b. describe the working hours, e.g. 9 5, M F; include a description of how many shifts if more than one and hours.
c. describe amount of time it takes from customer sales effort to order, to service or manufacture or distribution, to payment time turnaround.

4. What materials and supplies will you need?
a. item
b. cost for each item
c. supplier for each item

5. Labor analysis how many person hours will it take to produce a product or provide a unit of service?

6. Equipment,
a. describe what equipment will be needed, including vehicles.
b. list cost of items in (a)

7. Plant or Location,
a. if not leased, describe the size of purchasing or constructing a building for the business.
b. also describe the costs for (a)

8. Property,
a. describe any owned property and cost and size
b. describe any leased property and cost and size

*eg. 5,500 square foot warehouse with 1,000 square feet of retail space and 500 square feet of office space located in an industrial zone and costing $2,500 per month to rent. The warehouse is located on 3.2 acres of land with approximately 50 yards of street frontage.

9. Personnel,
a. number of managers, including president and vice president's
b. number of other employees who are full time
c. number of part time employees
d. calculation of wages and hourly pay for each on a monthly basis
e. total payroll estimate
f. resumes of key employees, owners
g. strengths and weaknesses of your management / employee team or, if not yet picked, criteria you will have

10. Organization Chart (can be done in pen or pencil),
a. show all officers, managers and employees
b. show who reports to whom

11. Sales,
a. how will you sell?
b. how many people will be involved?

Business key words: business operations strategic plan, product or service related, operations flow, merchandise, unit cost, labor, location and materials, equipment, just in time, warehousing, rental, signage, employees and personal, outsourcing, accounting.

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