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Homework 4 - Presentation Guidelines

General Guidelines

The presentation length should be 40 minutes. This will allow time for setup and questions. Part of your grade will be based on how well you stay within the guidelines.

2. Each person in your group must do part of the presenting. The presentation and the visual aids should be consistent so that it appears as though one person is doing the presentation.

3. Your presentation should be based on your two chapters from the book, The Fifth Discipline. There are two copies on reserve in the library. Don't feel restricted to only what is in the chapters. Use personal experiences, other materials you haven't read, etc.

4. You should use some type of visual aids. Overheads, Product Samples, etc. If you want let me know before your presentation I can arrange to have your presentation in a room with a projector and screen for PowerPoint presentations. My secretary will make overheads for you if you get the materials to her 24 hours in advance of when you need them.

5. You are required to have handouts for the rest of the class. Again my secretary will make copies of the handouts but you must get them to my secretary 24 hours in advance. The idea is that everyone will not need to read the whole book. I will not test on anything that is not presented. You will need one copy for each student.

Business key words: projector, power point, materials, handout, engineering management, presentation basics, project plan, guidelines, time limits, introduction and conclusion.

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