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Homework 8 - RF Spurs

The front end of this down converter is designed to convert a 300MHz RF signal down to a 70MHz intermediate frequency (IF). What other spurious frequencies in the 250MHz to 450MHz UHF Band will mix to exactly produce the 70MHz IF frequency? If the bandpush of the IF is increased to 70MHz plus or minus 10MHz, will other spurs be present? Sketch the spurs on the RF Band show above. Restrict your investigation to order 6 maximum, where |M| + |N| = order. { Solution 1 of 2 } { Solution 2 of 2 }

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Engineering key words: Down conversion spurious products, spur output, mixers, up and down converters, frontend receiver, RF, IF, intermediate frequency, UHF, ultra high frequency, bandwidth, broadband, base band, antenna.

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