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Second Order Sallen Key High and Band Pass Filters

Objective and Procedure:

Implement the following two Filters with both having a 1dB ripple width Chebyshev response and a stage Gain of 3.0

a) High Pass 2nd Order, fc = 1.5kHz

Figure 1: 2nd Order Chebyshev High-Pass Filter w/ 1dB RW

b) Band Pass 2nd Order, fc = 1.5KHz with Q = 10

Figure 2: 2nd Order Chebyshev Band-Pass Filter w/ 1dB RW

Derive the transfer function and model the two circuits with Matlab or comparable software tool, and show the Bode Plot, Step Response, and Impulse Response.

Verify the derivations and simulation results concur, then construct the circuits and make measurements of the two circuits presenting both the frequency response (i.e. Bode Plots) and the step response by using a square wave input.

Conclusions and Discoveries:

Using the Chebyshev response with a small ripple, 1dB in this experiment, provided a steeper roll off then a similar Butterworth response with slight variation in the band width. The overall analysis of deriving the transfer function and experimental measurements in a laboratory environment allowed one to develop an understanding of the different responses and applications for the high-pass and band-pass filters.

PSpice Output and Graphs
Figure 1a: 2nd Order Chebyshev HPF Output
Figure 2a: 2nd Order Chebyshev BPF Output
Lab Notes
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Electrical Engineering lab key words: 2nd Order, highpass filter, bandpass filter, Chebyshev response, impulse response, Bode plot, frequency response, step response, square wave input, Matlab, Pspice, filter simulation, ripple width, RW, second order filter.

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