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Telecommunications III

Advanced Topics in Telecommunications and Communication Systems.

This is the final telecommunications undergraduate course in a three part sequence, and is designed to provide students an opportunity to propose, develop, construct and simulate a solution of a student proposed telecommunication problem, issue, or evaluation. The student will research application notes, articles, texts, and vendor data to support the design of a telecommunication related project, module, or system.

Keep in mind that the student is expected to do independent work, and planning is essential.
Suggestions for projects are:

Antenna Systems. The student can design, build, and test an antenna system of their choosing.

Frequency Synthesizer. The student can design, simulate, build, and test a frequency synthesizer that will generate a number of discrete frequency channels in a given frequency range.

Communication System. An experiment that involves the RF components of a communication system can be examined, designed, built, and tested. Concepts of modulation and demodulation schemes are to be considered.

Microwave Component Design. Microwave amplifier and/or oscillator design.

These are only a few suggested projects. The student is required to consider their proposed effort and establish a set of design and test standards before the project is approved by the instructor. A clear project output (hardware, test data, or other design specifications) must accompany the student's project proposal.

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