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Assignment 7 - Tool Steels

Problem 1

Q: What is the significance of the letters in the AISI tool steel identification system?

A: They are to categorize the many different types of tool steel and the method in which the tool steel was produced.

Problem 2

Q: What is the range of carbon content in tool steels?

A: Approximately tool steels carbon content is 1.0% to 2.0%.

Problem 3

Q: What is the difference in hardenability of tool steels, alloy steels, and carbon steels?

A: The microstructure is the main difference between tool steel and other types of steel. Tool steel has much more resistance to softening and greater abrasion resistance. Also tool steel has presence of alloy carbides.

Problem 4

Q: What is the difference between a tool steel and a cermet? List two types of commonly used cermets.

A: Cermet will provide longer service life then tool steel. However, the cost of cermet is often much higher.

Problem 5

Q: What are the primary elements in high speed steels that provide red hardness?

A: Cobalt and tungsten are the primary elements.

Problem 6

Q: How can decarburization affect tool steel?

A: Decarburization weakens the surface of tool steel by the removal of carbon during oxidation. Therefore, a weaker surface of a tool steel will cause the steel to be soft and unusable.

Problem 7

Q: What is the role of chromium carbides in D2 tool steel?

A: Chromium carbides in D2 tool steel provides abrasion resistance.

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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering key words: AISI identification, alloy and tool steel, hardness, carbon, carbide, chromium, soft, oxidation, cobalt, tungsten, homework problem.

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