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Homework 2 - Transmission Lines

Problem 1.
Find the inductive and capacitive product (LC) in terms of permittivity and permeability for a two wire transmission line, and a coaxial transmission cable.
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Problem 3.
Give a 500MHz sine wave which is propagated over an air dielectric matched transmission line. Determine the wavelength of the signal. Note, the phase velocity in air is equal to 3E8m/s.
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Problem 5.
Determine the attenuation coefficient and dielectric constant for a coax cable type RG-141/U for a frequency of 1GHz.
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Problem 7.
Determine the dielectric constant, the phase shift coefficient at 1GHz, and the attenuation coefficient at 1GHz for a coaxial cable type RG-58/U. Specification for an RG-58/U are; Zo = 50ohms, D = 0.116, d = 0.0375.
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Problem 9.
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Problem 11.
Calculate the incident voltage component at the load, the reflected voltage component at the load, and the current reflection coefficient for a voltage reflection coefficient having a value of 0.75, and a corresponding load voltage of 1.0V.
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Problem 13.
Given a load impedance of 30 angle +70deg ohms that is connected to a 50ohm transmission line, determine the voltage reflection coefficient.
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Problem 15.
Find the load impedance for a 50ohm transmission line with a voltage reflection coefficient measured at the load equal to 0.7 angle +25deg.
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Problem 17.
A transmission line is 0.1 wavelengths long and has a characteristic impedance of 50ohms, and is terminated to a 100ohm purely resistive load. Find the input impedance.
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Problem 19.
A short circuited transmission line is exactly one-quarter wavelength at a frequency of 1250MHz. Determine its inductive reactance and equivalent inductance at a frequency of 500MHz given a line impedance of 50ohms.
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Problem 21.
A 50ohm open circuit transmission line is 0.1 lambda in length, calculate the input impedance for this line.
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Problem 23.
Compute the input admittance for an open circuit, 0.1 wavelength, 50ohm transmission line.
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Homework Solutions and Calculations

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Engineering key words: Coaxial cable, twisted pair, twin line, dielectric constant, voltage, inductance, capacitance, phase, wavelength, freq, attenuation, specifications, quarterwave, halfwave, amplitude, VSWR, line impedance, reflection, propagation.

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